File Monitor/File Audit

Monitor the file system I/O activities, track the file change in real time, to know who and when your files were accessed.


File Protector/File Access Control

Control the file access, prevent your sensitive files from being accessed by unauthorized users and processes.


Transparent On Access File Encryption

Transparent file level encryption on-the-fly, automatically encrypt/decrypt the data in memory, support AES-256 military grade encryption.


Secure File Sharing with DRM

Share encrypted file with digital rights embedded, grant or revoke the file access anytime and anywhere, prevent your sensitive data from leaking.


Registry Monitor and Protector

Monitor the registry access on-the-fly, prevent the registry from changing by unauthorized processes or users.


Tiered Storage Solution for Cloud

Automatically moves data between local stub files and data in the cloud storage. Implement clould archiving solution.



We specialize in file system filter driver development for two decades. We architect, implement and test file system filter drivers for a wide range of functionalities, EaseFilter SDK can provide you a comprehensive file security solution to implement your file access control, file audit and file encryption applications. We can offer several levels of assistance to meet your specific needs:Provide consulting service for your existing file system filter driver; Customize the SDK to meet your requirement; Create your own filter driver with our source code.

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Free Tools

The free tools can monitor the file access in real time to know which user and process accessing the files, based on the user and file information, you can authorize or prevent the file access.

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