Win32 API online file IO test with access control by file system filter driver

Download EaseFilter Monitor ,Control and Encryption Filter Driver SDK Setup File
Download EaseFilter Monitor ,Control and Encryption Filter Driver SDK Zip File

Here you can test all the file IOs: Create or browse a directory, open or create a file with different parameters, write data to a file, read data from a file, move or rename a file, delete a file, get or change the file security, file attributes, file time or file size.

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With File Monitor you can track the file access and change in Real-Time on file system level, capture all IOs including file creating, reading, writing, renaming, deleting. With File Protector, you can authorize the specific user or process to access the protected files, prevent the unathorized file access. With Encryption Filter, you can automatically encrypt/decrypt the file on-the-fly in kernel level with AES(256-bit key) algorithm.

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