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EaseFilter.CommonObjects.FilterAPI.MessageSendData Struct Reference

Public Attributes

uint MessageId
IntPtr FileObject
IntPtr FsContext
uint MessageType
uint ProcessId
uint ThreadId
long Offset
uint Length
long FileSize
long TransactionTime
long CreationTime
long LastAccessTime
long LastWriteTime
uint FileAttributes
uint DesiredAccess
uint Disposition
uint SharedAccess
uint CreateOptions
uint CreateStatus
uint InfoClass
uint Status
uint FileNameLength
string FileName
uint SidLength
byte [] Sid
uint DataBufferLength
byte [] DataBuffer
uint VerificationNumber

Detailed Description

Definition at line 184 of file FilterAPI.cs.

Member Data Documentation

◆ CreateOptions

uint EaseFilter.CommonObjects.FilterAPI.MessageSendData.CreateOptions

Definition at line 203 of file FilterAPI.cs.

◆ CreateStatus

uint EaseFilter.CommonObjects.FilterAPI.MessageSendData.CreateStatus

Definition at line 204 of file FilterAPI.cs.

◆ CreationTime

long EaseFilter.CommonObjects.FilterAPI.MessageSendData.CreationTime

Definition at line 196 of file FilterAPI.cs.

◆ DataBuffer

byte [] EaseFilter.CommonObjects.FilterAPI.MessageSendData.DataBuffer

Definition at line 215 of file FilterAPI.cs.

◆ DataBufferLength

uint EaseFilter.CommonObjects.FilterAPI.MessageSendData.DataBufferLength

Definition at line 213 of file FilterAPI.cs.

◆ DesiredAccess

uint EaseFilter.CommonObjects.FilterAPI.MessageSendData.DesiredAccess

Definition at line 200 of file FilterAPI.cs.

◆ Disposition

uint EaseFilter.CommonObjects.FilterAPI.MessageSendData.Disposition

Definition at line 201 of file FilterAPI.cs.

◆ FileAttributes

uint EaseFilter.CommonObjects.FilterAPI.MessageSendData.FileAttributes

Definition at line 199 of file FilterAPI.cs.

◆ FileName

string EaseFilter.CommonObjects.FilterAPI.MessageSendData.FileName

Definition at line 209 of file FilterAPI.cs.

◆ FileNameLength

uint EaseFilter.CommonObjects.FilterAPI.MessageSendData.FileNameLength

Definition at line 207 of file FilterAPI.cs.

◆ FileObject

IntPtr EaseFilter.CommonObjects.FilterAPI.MessageSendData.FileObject

Definition at line 187 of file FilterAPI.cs.

◆ FileSize

long EaseFilter.CommonObjects.FilterAPI.MessageSendData.FileSize

Definition at line 194 of file FilterAPI.cs.

◆ FsContext

IntPtr EaseFilter.CommonObjects.FilterAPI.MessageSendData.FsContext

Definition at line 188 of file FilterAPI.cs.

◆ InfoClass

uint EaseFilter.CommonObjects.FilterAPI.MessageSendData.InfoClass

Definition at line 205 of file FilterAPI.cs.

◆ LastAccessTime

long EaseFilter.CommonObjects.FilterAPI.MessageSendData.LastAccessTime

Definition at line 197 of file FilterAPI.cs.

◆ LastWriteTime

long EaseFilter.CommonObjects.FilterAPI.MessageSendData.LastWriteTime

Definition at line 198 of file FilterAPI.cs.

◆ Length

uint EaseFilter.CommonObjects.FilterAPI.MessageSendData.Length

Definition at line 193 of file FilterAPI.cs.

◆ MessageId

uint EaseFilter.CommonObjects.FilterAPI.MessageSendData.MessageId

Definition at line 186 of file FilterAPI.cs.

◆ MessageType

uint EaseFilter.CommonObjects.FilterAPI.MessageSendData.MessageType

Definition at line 189 of file FilterAPI.cs.

◆ Offset

long EaseFilter.CommonObjects.FilterAPI.MessageSendData.Offset

Definition at line 192 of file FilterAPI.cs.

◆ ProcessId

uint EaseFilter.CommonObjects.FilterAPI.MessageSendData.ProcessId

Definition at line 190 of file FilterAPI.cs.

◆ SharedAccess

uint EaseFilter.CommonObjects.FilterAPI.MessageSendData.SharedAccess

Definition at line 202 of file FilterAPI.cs.

◆ Sid

byte [] EaseFilter.CommonObjects.FilterAPI.MessageSendData.Sid

Definition at line 212 of file FilterAPI.cs.

◆ SidLength

uint EaseFilter.CommonObjects.FilterAPI.MessageSendData.SidLength

Definition at line 210 of file FilterAPI.cs.

◆ Status

uint EaseFilter.CommonObjects.FilterAPI.MessageSendData.Status

Definition at line 206 of file FilterAPI.cs.

◆ ThreadId

uint EaseFilter.CommonObjects.FilterAPI.MessageSendData.ThreadId

Definition at line 191 of file FilterAPI.cs.

◆ TransactionTime

long EaseFilter.CommonObjects.FilterAPI.MessageSendData.TransactionTime

Definition at line 195 of file FilterAPI.cs.

◆ VerificationNumber

uint EaseFilter.CommonObjects.FilterAPI.MessageSendData.VerificationNumber

Definition at line 216 of file FilterAPI.cs.

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