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NotificationWindow.PopupNotifier Class Reference

Non-visual component to show a notification window in the right lower corner of the screen. More...

Inheritance diagram for NotificationWindow.PopupNotifier:

Public Member Functions

void ResetImageSize ()
void ShowInternalImage (bool isErrorIcon, bool isAboutIcon)
 PopupNotifier ()
 Create a new instance of the popup component. More...
void Popup ()
 Show the notification window if it is not already visible. If the window is currently disappearing, it is shown again. More...
void Hide ()
 Hide the notification window. More...

Protected Member Functions

override void Dispose (bool disposing)
 Dispose the notification form. More...


Color HeaderColor [get, set]
Color BodyColor [get, set]
Color TitleColor [get, set]
Color ContentColor [get, set]
Color BorderColor [get, set]
Color ButtonBorderColor [get, set]
Color ButtonHoverColor [get, set]
Color ContentHoverColor [get, set]
int GradientPower [get, set]
Font ContentFont [get, set]
Font TitleFont [get, set]
Size ImageSize [get, set]
Image Image [get, set]
bool ShowGrip [get, set]
bool Scroll [get, set]
string ContentText [get, set]
string TitleText [get, set]
Padding TitlePadding [get, set]
Padding ContentPadding [get, set]
Padding ImagePadding [get, set]
int HeaderHeight [get, set]
bool ShowCloseButton [get, set]
bool ShowOptionsButton [get, set]
ContextMenuStrip OptionsMenu [get, set]
int Delay [get, set]
int AnimationDuration [get, set]
int AnimationInterval [get, set]
Size Size [get, set]


EventHandler Click
 Event that is raised when the text in the notification window is clicked. More...
EventHandler Close
 Event that is raised when the notification window is manually closed. More...

Detailed Description

Non-visual component to show a notification window in the right lower corner of the screen.

Definition at line 23 of file PopupNotifier.cs.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ PopupNotifier()

NotificationWindow.PopupNotifier.PopupNotifier ( )

Create a new instance of the popup component.

Definition at line 246 of file PopupNotifier.cs.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Dispose()

override void NotificationWindow.PopupNotifier.Dispose ( bool  disposing)

Dispose the notification form.


Definition at line 544 of file PopupNotifier.cs.

◆ Hide()

void NotificationWindow.PopupNotifier.Hide ( )

Hide the notification window.

Definition at line 357 of file PopupNotifier.cs.

◆ Popup()

void NotificationWindow.PopupNotifier.Popup ( )

Show the notification window if it is not already visible. If the window is currently disappearing, it is shown again.

Definition at line 306 of file PopupNotifier.cs.

◆ ResetImageSize()

void NotificationWindow.PopupNotifier.ResetImageSize ( )

Definition at line 121 of file PopupNotifier.cs.

◆ ShowInternalImage()

void NotificationWindow.PopupNotifier.ShowInternalImage ( bool  isErrorIcon,
bool  isAboutIcon 

Definition at line 139 of file PopupNotifier.cs.

Property Documentation

◆ AnimationDuration

int NotificationWindow.PopupNotifier.AnimationDuration

Definition at line 231 of file PopupNotifier.cs.

◆ AnimationInterval

int NotificationWindow.PopupNotifier.AnimationInterval

Definition at line 235 of file PopupNotifier.cs.

◆ BodyColor

Color NotificationWindow.PopupNotifier.BodyColor

Definition at line 58 of file PopupNotifier.cs.

◆ BorderColor

Color NotificationWindow.PopupNotifier.BorderColor

Definition at line 70 of file PopupNotifier.cs.

◆ ButtonBorderColor

Color NotificationWindow.PopupNotifier.ButtonBorderColor

Definition at line 74 of file PopupNotifier.cs.

◆ ButtonHoverColor

Color NotificationWindow.PopupNotifier.ButtonHoverColor

Definition at line 78 of file PopupNotifier.cs.

◆ ContentColor

Color NotificationWindow.PopupNotifier.ContentColor

Definition at line 66 of file PopupNotifier.cs.

◆ ContentFont

Font NotificationWindow.PopupNotifier.ContentFont

Definition at line 90 of file PopupNotifier.cs.

◆ ContentHoverColor

Color NotificationWindow.PopupNotifier.ContentHoverColor

Definition at line 82 of file PopupNotifier.cs.

◆ ContentPadding

Padding NotificationWindow.PopupNotifier.ContentPadding

Definition at line 183 of file PopupNotifier.cs.

◆ ContentText

string NotificationWindow.PopupNotifier.ContentText

Definition at line 161 of file PopupNotifier.cs.

◆ Delay

int NotificationWindow.PopupNotifier.Delay

Definition at line 227 of file PopupNotifier.cs.

◆ GradientPower

int NotificationWindow.PopupNotifier.GradientPower

Definition at line 86 of file PopupNotifier.cs.

◆ HeaderColor

Color NotificationWindow.PopupNotifier.HeaderColor

Definition at line 54 of file PopupNotifier.cs.

◆ HeaderHeight

int NotificationWindow.PopupNotifier.HeaderHeight

Definition at line 211 of file PopupNotifier.cs.

◆ Image

Image NotificationWindow.PopupNotifier.Image

Definition at line 135 of file PopupNotifier.cs.

◆ ImagePadding

Padding NotificationWindow.PopupNotifier.ImagePadding

Definition at line 197 of file PopupNotifier.cs.

◆ ImageSize

Size NotificationWindow.PopupNotifier.ImageSize

Definition at line 99 of file PopupNotifier.cs.

◆ OptionsMenu

ContextMenuStrip NotificationWindow.PopupNotifier.OptionsMenu

Definition at line 223 of file PopupNotifier.cs.

◆ Scroll

bool NotificationWindow.PopupNotifier.Scroll

Definition at line 157 of file PopupNotifier.cs.

◆ ShowCloseButton

bool NotificationWindow.PopupNotifier.ShowCloseButton

Definition at line 215 of file PopupNotifier.cs.

◆ ShowGrip

bool NotificationWindow.PopupNotifier.ShowGrip

Definition at line 153 of file PopupNotifier.cs.

◆ ShowOptionsButton

bool NotificationWindow.PopupNotifier.ShowOptionsButton

Definition at line 219 of file PopupNotifier.cs.

◆ Size

Size NotificationWindow.PopupNotifier.Size

Definition at line 239 of file PopupNotifier.cs.

◆ TitleColor

Color NotificationWindow.PopupNotifier.TitleColor

Definition at line 62 of file PopupNotifier.cs.

◆ TitleFont

Font NotificationWindow.PopupNotifier.TitleFont

Definition at line 94 of file PopupNotifier.cs.

◆ TitlePadding

Padding NotificationWindow.PopupNotifier.TitlePadding

Definition at line 169 of file PopupNotifier.cs.

◆ TitleText

string NotificationWindow.PopupNotifier.TitleText

Definition at line 165 of file PopupNotifier.cs.

Event Documentation

◆ Click

EventHandler NotificationWindow.PopupNotifier.Click

Event that is raised when the text in the notification window is clicked.

Definition at line 28 of file PopupNotifier.cs.

◆ Close

EventHandler NotificationWindow.PopupNotifier.Close

Event that is raised when the notification window is manually closed.

Definition at line 33 of file PopupNotifier.cs.

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