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AESEncryption.cpp File Reference
#include "stdafx.h"
#include "tools.h"
#include "FilterAPI.h"

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BOOL CreateTestFile (BOOL bypassFilterDriver)
BOOL VerifyRawData (BOOL isEncrypted)
BOOL CopyEncryptedFile ()
BOOL VerifyFilterDriverDecryptData ()
VOID EncryptionUnitTest ()


WCHAR * testFolder = L"c:\\filterTest"
WCHAR * testFile = L"c:\\filterTest\\testEncryptfile1.bin"
WCHAR * copyFile = L"c:\\filterTest\\testEncryptfile1.copy.bin"
unsigned char iv [] = {0xf0,0xf1,0xf2,0xf3,0xf4,0xf5,0xf6,0xf7,0xf8,0xf9,0xfa,0xfb,0xfc,0xfd,0xfe,0xff}
unsigned char clearText [] = {0x6b,0xc1,0xbe,0xe2,0x2e,0x40,0x9f,0x96,0xe9,0x3d,0x7e,0x11,0x73,0x93,0x17,0x2a}
unsigned char key [] = {0x60,0x3d,0xeb,0x10,0x15,0xca,0x71,0xbe,0x2b,0x73,0xae,0xf0,0x85,0x7d,0x77,0x81,0x1f,0x35,0x2c,0x07,0x3b,0x61,0x08,0xd7,0x2d,0x98,0x10,0xa3,0x09,0x14,0xdf,0xf4}
unsigned char cipherText [] = {0x60,0x1e,0xc3,0x13,0x77,0x57,0x89,0xa5,0xb7,0xa7,0xf5,0x04,0xbb,0xf3,0xd2,0x28}

Function Documentation

◆ CopyEncryptedFile()

BOOL CopyEncryptedFile ( )

Definition at line 232 of file AESEncryption.cpp.

◆ CreateTestFile()

BOOL CreateTestFile ( BOOL  bypassFilterDriver)

Definition at line 29 of file AESEncryption.cpp.

◆ EncryptionUnitTest()

VOID EncryptionUnitTest ( )

Definition at line 434 of file AESEncryption.cpp.

◆ VerifyFilterDriverDecryptData()

BOOL VerifyFilterDriverDecryptData ( )

Definition at line 357 of file AESEncryption.cpp.

◆ VerifyRawData()

BOOL VerifyRawData ( BOOL  isEncrypted)

Definition at line 107 of file AESEncryption.cpp.

Variable Documentation

◆ cipherText

unsigned char cipherText[] = {0x60,0x1e,0xc3,0x13,0x77,0x57,0x89,0xa5,0xb7,0xa7,0xf5,0x04,0xbb,0xf3,0xd2,0x28}

Definition at line 25 of file AESEncryption.cpp.

◆ clearText

unsigned char clearText[] = {0x6b,0xc1,0xbe,0xe2,0x2e,0x40,0x9f,0x96,0xe9,0x3d,0x7e,0x11,0x73,0x93,0x17,0x2a}

Definition at line 21 of file AESEncryption.cpp.

◆ copyFile

WCHAR* copyFile = L"c:\\filterTest\\testEncryptfile1.copy.bin"

Definition at line 17 of file AESEncryption.cpp.

◆ iv

LPCTSTR ULONG BYTE ULONG BYTE * iv = {0xf0,0xf1,0xf2,0xf3,0xf4,0xf5,0xf6,0xf7,0xf8,0xf9,0xfa,0xfb,0xfc,0xfd,0xfe,0xff}

Definition at line 20 of file AESEncryption.cpp.

◆ key

BYTE ULONG LONGLONG BYTE * key = {0x60,0x3d,0xeb,0x10,0x15,0xca,0x71,0xbe,0x2b,0x73,0xae,0xf0,0x85,0x7d,0x77,0x81,0x1f,0x35,0x2c,0x07,0x3b,0x61,0x08,0xd7,0x2d,0x98,0x10,0xa3,0x09,0x14,0xdf,0xf4}

Definition at line 24 of file AESEncryption.cpp.

◆ testFile

WCHAR* testFile = L"c:\\filterTest\\testEncryptfile1.bin"

Definition at line 16 of file AESEncryption.cpp.

◆ testFolder

WCHAR* testFolder = L"c:\\filterTest"

Definition at line 15 of file AESEncryption.cpp.

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