WDK Mini Filter Example
_FLT_TAG_DATA_BUFFER Struct Reference

#include <mspyLog.h>

Data Fields

USHORT TagDataLength
USHORT UnparsedNameLength
union {
   GUID   TagGuid
   struct {
      USHORT   SubstituteNameOffset
      USHORT   SubstituteNameLength
      USHORT   PrintNameOffset
      USHORT   PrintNameLength
      ULONG   Flags
      WCHAR   PathBuffer [1]
   }   SymbolicLinkReparseBuffer
   struct {
      USHORT   SubstituteNameOffset
      USHORT   SubstituteNameLength
      USHORT   PrintNameOffset
      USHORT   PrintNameLength
      WCHAR   PathBuffer [1]
   }   MountPointReparseBuffer
   struct {
      UCHAR   DataBuffer [1]
   }   GenericReparseBuffer

Detailed Description

Definition at line 393 of file mspyLog.h.

Field Documentation

◆ @6

union { ... }

◆ DataBuffer

UCHAR DataBuffer[1]

Definition at line 417 of file mspyLog.h.

◆ FileTag


Definition at line 394 of file mspyLog.h.

◆ Flags


Definition at line 404 of file mspyLog.h.

◆ GenericReparseBuffer

struct { ... } GenericReparseBuffer

◆ MountPointReparseBuffer

struct { ... } MountPointReparseBuffer

◆ PathBuffer

WCHAR PathBuffer[1]

Definition at line 405 of file mspyLog.h.

◆ PrintNameLength

USHORT PrintNameLength

Definition at line 403 of file mspyLog.h.

◆ PrintNameOffset

USHORT PrintNameOffset

Definition at line 402 of file mspyLog.h.

◆ SubstituteNameLength

USHORT SubstituteNameLength

Definition at line 401 of file mspyLog.h.

◆ SubstituteNameOffset

USHORT SubstituteNameOffset

Definition at line 400 of file mspyLog.h.

◆ SymbolicLinkReparseBuffer

struct { ... } SymbolicLinkReparseBuffer

◆ TagDataLength

USHORT TagDataLength

Definition at line 395 of file mspyLog.h.

◆ TagGuid

GUID TagGuid

Definition at line 398 of file mspyLog.h.

◆ UnparsedNameLength

USHORT UnparsedNameLength

Definition at line 396 of file mspyLog.h.

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