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ncmapping.c File Reference
#include "nc.h"

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BOOLEAN NcIsMappingPathZeroed (_In_ PNC_MAPPING_PATH Path)
NTSTATUS NcBuildMappingPath (_In_ PUNICODE_STRING VolumeName, _In_ PUNICODE_STRING ParentPath, _In_ PUNICODE_STRING FinalComponent, _Inout_ PNC_MAPPING_PATH Path)
NTSTATUS NcBuildMappingPathFromFile (_In_ PFILE_OBJECT Parent, _In_ PUNICODE_STRING FinalComponent, _In_ PFLT_INSTANCE Instance, _In_ BOOLEAN Normalized, _Inout_ PNC_MAPPING_PATH Path)
BOOLEAN NcIsMappingEntryZeroed (PNC_MAPPING_ENTRY Entry)
VOID NcInitMappingEntry (_Inout_ PNC_MAPPING_ENTRY Entry)
VOID NcTeardownMappingEntry (_Inout_ PNC_MAPPING_ENTRY Path)
VOID NcInitMappingPath (_Out_ PNC_MAPPING_PATH Path)
VOID NcTeardownMappingPath (_Inout_ PNC_MAPPING_PATH Path)
NTSTATUS NcBuildMappingPathFromVolume (_In_ PFLT_VOLUME CONST Volume, _In_ PUNICODE_STRING ParentPath, _In_ PUNICODE_STRING FinalComponentName, _Inout_ PNC_MAPPING_PATH Entry)
BOOLEAN NcIsMappingZeroed (PNC_MAPPING Mapping)
VOID NcInitMapping (PNC_MAPPING Mapping)
VOID NcTeardownMapping (_Inout_ PNC_MAPPING Mapping)
NTSTATUS NcBuildMapping (_In_ PFILE_OBJECT UserParent, _In_ PFILE_OBJECT RealParent, _In_ PUNICODE_STRING UserFinalComponentShortName, _In_ PUNICODE_STRING UserFinalComponentLongName, _In_ PUNICODE_STRING RealFinalComponentName, _In_ PFLT_INSTANCE Instance, _Out_ PNC_MAPPING Mapping)

Function Documentation

◆ NcBuildMapping()

NTSTATUS NcBuildMapping ( _In_ PFILE_OBJECT  UserParent,
_In_ PFILE_OBJECT  RealParent,
_In_ PUNICODE_STRING  UserFinalComponentShortName,
_In_ PUNICODE_STRING  UserFinalComponentLongName,
_In_ PUNICODE_STRING  RealFinalComponentName,
_In_ PFLT_INSTANCE  Instance,
_Out_ PNC_MAPPING  Mapping 

Definition at line 698 of file ncmapping.c.

◆ NcBuildMappingPath()

NTSTATUS NcBuildMappingPath ( _In_ PUNICODE_STRING  VolumeName,
_In_ PUNICODE_STRING  FinalComponent,

Definition at line 192 of file ncmapping.c.

◆ NcBuildMappingPathFromFile()

NTSTATUS NcBuildMappingPathFromFile ( _In_ PFILE_OBJECT  Parent,
_In_ PUNICODE_STRING  FinalComponent,
_In_ PFLT_INSTANCE  Instance,
_In_ BOOLEAN  Normalized,

Definition at line 487 of file ncmapping.c.

◆ NcBuildMappingPathFromVolume()

NTSTATUS NcBuildMappingPathFromVolume ( _In_ PFLT_VOLUME CONST  Volume,
_In_ PUNICODE_STRING  FinalComponentName,
_Inout_ PNC_MAPPING_PATH  Entry 

Definition at line 376 of file ncmapping.c.

◆ NcInitMapping()

VOID NcInitMapping ( PNC_MAPPING  Mapping)

Definition at line 678 of file ncmapping.c.

◆ NcInitMappingEntry()

VOID NcInitMappingEntry ( _Inout_ PNC_MAPPING_ENTRY  Entry)

Definition at line 617 of file ncmapping.c.

◆ NcInitMappingPath()

VOID NcInitMappingPath ( _Out_ PNC_MAPPING_PATH  Path)

Definition at line 131 of file ncmapping.c.

◆ NcIsMappingEntryZeroed()

BOOLEAN NcIsMappingEntryZeroed ( PNC_MAPPING_ENTRY  Entry)

Definition at line 601 of file ncmapping.c.

◆ NcIsMappingPathZeroed()

BOOLEAN NcIsMappingPathZeroed ( _In_ PNC_MAPPING_PATH  Path)

Definition at line 86 of file ncmapping.c.

◆ NcIsMappingZeroed()

BOOLEAN NcIsMappingZeroed ( PNC_MAPPING  Mapping)

Definition at line 659 of file ncmapping.c.

◆ NcTeardownMapping()

VOID NcTeardownMapping ( _Inout_ PNC_MAPPING  Mapping)

Definition at line 688 of file ncmapping.c.

◆ NcTeardownMappingEntry()

VOID NcTeardownMappingEntry ( _Inout_ PNC_MAPPING_ENTRY  Path)

Definition at line 628 of file ncmapping.c.

◆ NcTeardownMappingPath()

VOID NcTeardownMappingPath ( _Inout_ PNC_MAPPING_PATH  Path)

Definition at line 155 of file ncmapping.c.

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