WDK Mini Filter Example
nchelper.c File Reference
#include "nc.h"

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 _When_ (Data==NULL, _Pre_satisfies_(FileObject !=NULL &&Instance !=NULL))
NTSTATUS NcAllocateEResource (_Out_ PERESOURCE *OutputLock)
VOID NcFreeEResource (_In_ PERESOURCE Lock)
NTSTATUS NcCreateFileHelper (_In_ PFLT_FILTER Filter, _In_opt_ PFLT_INSTANCE Instance, _Out_ PHANDLE FileHandle, _Outptr_opt_ PFILE_OBJECT *FileObject, _In_ ACCESS_MASK DesiredAccess, _In_ POBJECT_ATTRIBUTES ObjectAttributes, _Out_ PIO_STATUS_BLOCK IoStatusBlock, _In_opt_ PLARGE_INTEGER AllocationSize, _In_ ULONG FileAttributes, _In_ ULONG ShareAccess, _In_ ULONG CreateDisposition, _In_ ULONG CreateOptions, _In_reads_bytes_opt_(EaLength) PVOID EaBuffer, _In_ ULONG EaLength, _In_ ULONG Flags, _In_opt_ PFILE_OBJECT ParentFileObject)
LONG NcExceptionFilter (_In_ PEXCEPTION_POINTERS ExceptionPointer, _In_ BOOLEAN AccessingUserBuffer)

Function Documentation

◆ _When_()

_When_ ( Data  = NULL,
_Pre_satisfies_(FileObject !=NULL &&Instance !=NULL  

Definition at line 27 of file nchelper.c.

◆ NcAllocateEResource()

NTSTATUS NcAllocateEResource ( _Out_ PERESOURCE *  OutputLock)

Definition at line 104 of file nchelper.c.

◆ NcCreateFileHelper()

NTSTATUS NcCreateFileHelper ( _In_ PFLT_FILTER  Filter,
_In_opt_ PFLT_INSTANCE  Instance,
_Out_ PHANDLE  FileHandle,
_Outptr_opt_ PFILE_OBJECT *  FileObject,
_In_ ACCESS_MASK  DesiredAccess,
_In_ POBJECT_ATTRIBUTES  ObjectAttributes,
_Out_ PIO_STATUS_BLOCK  IoStatusBlock,
_In_opt_ PLARGE_INTEGER  AllocationSize,
_In_ ULONG  FileAttributes,
_In_ ULONG  ShareAccess,
_In_ ULONG  CreateDisposition,
_In_ ULONG  CreateOptions,
_In_reads_bytes_opt_(EaLength) PVOID  EaBuffer,
_In_ ULONG  EaLength,
_In_ ULONG  Flags,
_In_opt_ PFILE_OBJECT  ParentFileObject 

Definition at line 195 of file nchelper.c.

◆ NcExceptionFilter()

LONG NcExceptionFilter ( _In_ PEXCEPTION_POINTERS  ExceptionPointer,
_In_ BOOLEAN  AccessingUserBuffer 

Definition at line 322 of file nchelper.c.

◆ NcFreeEResource()

VOID NcFreeEResource ( _In_ PERESOURCE  Lock)

Definition at line 170 of file nchelper.c.

◆ NcSetCancelCompletion()

NTSTATUS NcSetCancelCompletion ( _In_ PFLT_CALLBACK_DATA  Data,

Definition at line 270 of file nchelper.c.

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