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communication.c File Reference
#include "avscan.h"

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NTSTATUS AvConnectNotifyCallback (_In_ PFLT_PORT ClientPort, _In_ PVOID ServerPortCookie, _In_reads_bytes_(SizeOfContext) PVOID ConnectionContext, _In_ ULONG SizeOfContext, _Outptr_result_maybenull_ PVOID *ConnectionCookie)
VOID AvDisconnectNotifyCallback (_In_opt_ PVOID ConnectionCookie)
NTSTATUS AvMessageNotifyCallback (_In_ PVOID ConnectionCookie, _In_reads_bytes_opt_(InputBufferSize) PVOID InputBuffer, _In_ ULONG InputBufferSize, _Out_writes_bytes_to_opt_(OutputBufferSize, *ReturnOutputBufferLength) PVOID OutputBuffer, _In_ ULONG OutputBufferSize, _Out_ PULONG ReturnOutputBufferLength)
NTSTATUS AvGetScanCtxSynchronized (_In_ LONGLONG ScanId, _Out_ PAV_SCAN_CONTEXT *ScanCtx)
NTSTATUS AvGetInstanceContextByVolume (_In_ PFLT_VOLUME volumeObject, _Out_ PAV_INSTANCE_CONTEXT *InstanceContext)
NTSTATUS AvGetInstanceContextByFileHandle (_In_ HANDLE Handle, _Out_ PAV_INSTANCE_CONTEXT *InstanceContext)
NTSTATUS AvGetStreamContextByHandle (_In_ HANDLE Handle, _Out_ PAV_STREAM_CONTEXT *StreamContext)
NTSTATUS AvUpdateStreamContextWithScanResult (_Inout_ PAV_STREAM_CONTEXT StreamContext, _In_ PAV_SCAN_CONTEXT ScanContext, _In_ AVSCAN_RESULT ScanResult)
NTSTATUS AvHandleCmdCreateSectionForDataScan (_Inout_ PAV_SCAN_CONTEXT ScanContext, _Out_ PHANDLE SectionHandle)
NTSTATUS AvHandleCmdCloseSectionForDataScan (_Inout_ PAV_SCAN_CONTEXT ScanContext, _In_ AVSCAN_RESULT ScanResult)
NTSTATUS AvFinalizeScanAndSection (_Inout_ PAV_SCAN_CONTEXT ScanContext)
VOID AvFinalizeScanContext (_Inout_ PAV_SCAN_CONTEXT ScanContext, _Outptr_result_maybenull_ PAV_SECTION_CONTEXT *SectionContext)
NTSTATUS AvFinalizeSectionContext (_Inout_ PAV_SECTION_CONTEXT SectionContext)
NTSTATUS AvPrepareServerPort (_In_ PSECURITY_DESCRIPTOR SecurityDescriptor, _In_ AVSCAN_CONNECTION_TYPE ConnectionType)

Function Documentation

◆ AvConnectNotifyCallback()

NTSTATUS AvConnectNotifyCallback ( _In_ PFLT_PORT  ClientPort,
_In_ PVOID  ServerPortCookie,
_In_reads_bytes_(SizeOfContext) PVOID  ConnectionContext,
_In_ ULONG  SizeOfContext,
_Outptr_result_maybenull_ PVOID *  ConnectionCookie 

Definition at line 112 of file communication.c.

◆ AvDisconnectNotifyCallback()

VOID AvDisconnectNotifyCallback ( _In_opt_ PVOID  ConnectionCookie)

Definition at line 201 of file communication.c.

◆ AvFinalizeScanAndSection()

NTSTATUS AvFinalizeScanAndSection ( _Inout_ PAV_SCAN_CONTEXT  ScanContext)

Definition at line 874 of file communication.c.

◆ AvFinalizeScanContext()

VOID AvFinalizeScanContext ( _Inout_ PAV_SCAN_CONTEXT  ScanContext,
_Outptr_result_maybenull_ PAV_SECTION_CONTEXT SectionContext 

Definition at line 913 of file communication.c.

◆ AvFinalizeSectionContext()

NTSTATUS AvFinalizeSectionContext ( _Inout_ PAV_SECTION_CONTEXT  SectionContext)

Definition at line 975 of file communication.c.

◆ AvGetInstanceContextByFileHandle()

NTSTATUS AvGetInstanceContextByFileHandle ( _In_ HANDLE  Handle,
_Out_ PAV_INSTANCE_CONTEXT InstanceContext 

Definition at line 419 of file communication.c.

◆ AvGetInstanceContextByVolume()

NTSTATUS AvGetInstanceContextByVolume ( _In_ PFLT_VOLUME  volumeObject,
_Out_ PAV_INSTANCE_CONTEXT InstanceContext 

Definition at line 329 of file communication.c.

◆ AvGetScanCtxSynchronized()

NTSTATUS AvGetScanCtxSynchronized ( _In_ LONGLONG  ScanId,

Definition at line 259 of file communication.c.

◆ AvGetStreamContextByHandle()

NTSTATUS AvGetStreamContextByHandle ( _In_ HANDLE  Handle,
_Out_ PAV_STREAM_CONTEXT StreamContext 

Definition at line 493 of file communication.c.

◆ AvHandleCmdCloseSectionForDataScan()

NTSTATUS AvHandleCmdCloseSectionForDataScan ( _Inout_ PAV_SCAN_CONTEXT  ScanContext,
_In_ AVSCAN_RESULT  ScanResult 

Definition at line 1012 of file communication.c.

◆ AvHandleCmdCreateSectionForDataScan()

NTSTATUS AvHandleCmdCreateSectionForDataScan ( _Inout_ PAV_SCAN_CONTEXT  ScanContext,
_Out_ PHANDLE  SectionHandle 

Definition at line 564 of file communication.c.

◆ AvMessageNotifyCallback()

NTSTATUS AvMessageNotifyCallback ( _In_ PVOID  ConnectionCookie,
_In_reads_bytes_opt_(InputBufferSize) PVOID  InputBuffer,
_In_ ULONG  InputBufferSize,
_Out_writes_bytes_to_opt_(OutputBufferSize, *ReturnOutputBufferLength) PVOID  OutputBuffer,
_In_ ULONG  OutputBufferSize,
_Out_ PULONG  ReturnOutputBufferLength 

Definition at line 1080 of file communication.c.

◆ AvPrepareServerPort()

NTSTATUS AvPrepareServerPort ( _In_ PSECURITY_DESCRIPTOR  SecurityDescriptor,

Definition at line 1335 of file communication.c.

◆ AvUpdateStreamContextWithScanResult()

NTSTATUS AvUpdateStreamContextWithScanResult ( _Inout_ PAV_STREAM_CONTEXT  StreamContext,
_In_ PAV_SCAN_CONTEXT  ScanContext,
_In_ AVSCAN_RESULT  ScanResult 

Definition at line 791 of file communication.c.

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