WDK Mini Filter Example
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1 Change File System Minifilter Driver
2 ====================================
4 The Change minifilter is a transaction-aware filter that monitors file changes in real time.
6 This filter tracks if the files are 'dirty' by intercepting write I/O requests. This provides a way to track modifications to a file. Additionally, this filter handles the case where the transaction commits or rollbacks.
8 The primary tasks of the filter for tracking a transacted file are the following:
10 1. In the post create callback, if a transacted file is open with attribute FILE\_WRITE\_DATA or FILE\_APPEND\_DATA, then enlist its file context into the transaction context.
11 2. In the pre-operation callback, if the operation needs to be dirty, such as IRP\_MJ\_WRITE and the file is part of a transaction, update the transacted dirty record instead of the non-transacted dirty record.
12 3. In the kernel transaction manager (KTM) notification callback, if the transaction is committed, then propagate the dirty information from the transacted dirty record to the non-transacted dirty record; if rollback, do not propagate.
13 4. Properly remove the context structure in the TransactionContextCleanup routine.
15 ## Universal Windows Driver Compliant
16 This sample builds a Universal Windows Driver. It uses only APIs and DDIs that are included in OneCoreUAP.

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