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avscan/filter/context.c File Reference
#include "avscan.h"

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VOID AvStreamContextCleanup (_In_ PFLT_CONTEXT Context, _In_ FLT_CONTEXT_TYPE ContextType)
VOID AvTransactionContextCleanup (_In_ PFLT_CONTEXT Context, _In_ FLT_CONTEXT_TYPE ContextType)
VOID AvSectionContextCleanup (_In_ PFLT_CONTEXT Context, _In_ FLT_CONTEXT_TYPE ContextType)
VOID AvInstanceContextCleanup (_In_ PFLT_CONTEXT Context, _In_ FLT_CONTEXT_TYPE ContextType)
NTSTATUS AvCreateStreamHandleContext (_In_ PFLT_FILTER Filter, _Outptr_ PAV_STREAMHANDLE_CONTEXT *StreamHandleContext)
NTSTATUS AvCreateStreamContext (_In_ PFLT_FILTER Filter, _Outptr_ PAV_STREAM_CONTEXT *StreamContext)
NTSTATUS AvFindOrCreateTransactionContext (_In_ PCFLT_RELATED_OBJECTS FltObjects, _Outptr_ PAV_TRANSACTION_CONTEXT *TransactionContext)
NTSTATUS AvCreateSectionContext (_In_ PFLT_INSTANCE Instance, _In_ PFILE_OBJECT FileObject, _Outptr_ PAV_SECTION_CONTEXT *SectionContext)
NTSTATUS AvEnumerateInstances (_Outptr_result_buffer_(*NumberInstances) PFLT_INSTANCE **InstanceArray, _Out_ PULONG NumberInstances)
VOID AvFreeInstances (_In_reads_(InstanceCount) PFLT_INSTANCE *InstanceArray, _In_ ULONG InstanceCount)
NTSTATUS AvAllocateScanContext (_In_ PFLT_INSTANCE Instance, _In_ PFILE_OBJECT FileObject, _Outptr_ PAV_SCAN_CONTEXT *ScanContext)
NTSTATUS AvReferenceScanContext (_In_ PAV_SCAN_CONTEXT ScanContext)
NTSTATUS AvReleaseScanContext (_In_ PAV_SCAN_CONTEXT ScanContext)


const FLT_CONTEXT_REGISTRATION ContextRegistration []

Function Documentation

◆ AvAllocateScanContext()

NTSTATUS AvAllocateScanContext ( _In_ PFLT_INSTANCE  Instance,
_In_ PFILE_OBJECT  FileObject,
_Outptr_ PAV_SCAN_CONTEXT ScanContext 

Definition at line 787 of file avscan/filter/context.c.

◆ AvCreateSectionContext()

NTSTATUS AvCreateSectionContext ( _In_ PFLT_INSTANCE  Instance,
_In_ PFILE_OBJECT  FileObject,
_Outptr_ PAV_SECTION_CONTEXT SectionContext 

Definition at line 532 of file avscan/filter/context.c.

◆ AvCreateStreamContext()

NTSTATUS AvCreateStreamContext ( _In_ PFLT_FILTER  Filter,
_Outptr_ PAV_STREAM_CONTEXT StreamContext 

Definition at line 325 of file avscan/filter/context.c.

◆ AvCreateStreamHandleContext()

NTSTATUS AvCreateStreamHandleContext ( _In_ PFLT_FILTER  Filter,
_Outptr_ PAV_STREAMHANDLE_CONTEXT StreamHandleContext 

Definition at line 271 of file avscan/filter/context.c.

◆ AvEnumerateInstances()

NTSTATUS AvEnumerateInstances ( _Outptr_result_buffer_ *NumberInstances PFLT_INSTANCE **  InstanceArray,
_Out_ PULONG  NumberInstances 

Definition at line 600 of file avscan/filter/context.c.

◆ AvFindOrCreateTransactionContext()

NTSTATUS AvFindOrCreateTransactionContext ( _In_ PCFLT_RELATED_OBJECTS  FltObjects,
_Outptr_ PAV_TRANSACTION_CONTEXT TransactionContext 

Definition at line 396 of file avscan/filter/context.c.

◆ AvFreeInstances()

VOID AvFreeInstances ( _In_reads_(InstanceCount) PFLT_INSTANCE *  InstanceArray,
_In_ ULONG  InstanceCount 

Definition at line 749 of file avscan/filter/context.c.

◆ AvInstanceContextCleanup()

VOID AvInstanceContextCleanup ( _In_ PFLT_CONTEXT  Context,
_In_ FLT_CONTEXT_TYPE  ContextType 

Definition at line 224 of file avscan/filter/context.c.

◆ AvReferenceScanContext()

NTSTATUS AvReferenceScanContext ( _In_ PAV_SCAN_CONTEXT  ScanContext)

Definition at line 855 of file avscan/filter/context.c.

◆ AvReleaseScanContext()

NTSTATUS AvReleaseScanContext ( _In_ PAV_SCAN_CONTEXT  ScanContext)

Definition at line 892 of file avscan/filter/context.c.

◆ AvSectionContextCleanup()

VOID AvSectionContextCleanup ( _In_ PFLT_CONTEXT  Context,
_In_ FLT_CONTEXT_TYPE  ContextType 

Definition at line 186 of file avscan/filter/context.c.

◆ AvStreamContextCleanup()

VOID AvStreamContextCleanup ( _In_ PFLT_CONTEXT  Context,
_In_ FLT_CONTEXT_TYPE  ContextType 

Definition at line 105 of file avscan/filter/context.c.

◆ AvTransactionContextCleanup()

VOID AvTransactionContextCleanup ( _In_ PFLT_CONTEXT  Context,
_In_ FLT_CONTEXT_TYPE  ContextType 

Definition at line 142 of file avscan/filter/context.c.

Variable Documentation

◆ ContextRegistration

const FLT_CONTEXT_REGISTRATION ContextRegistration[]

Definition at line 68 of file avscan/filter/context.c.

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