EaseTag Filter Driver For Encryption and Compression Solution

1. Create Stub Files

The stub files are the files which the users or applications will access, it won't take physical storage space. The stub files attache the tag data which could be a unique Id to identify the target data location.

here is the stub file snapshot:

Stub File

2. Create Taget Files

The target files are the actual files, they can be encrypted or compressed, they can locate in the local computer or in remote site.

3. Install EaseTag Filter Driver and Run the Service

After you install EaseTag filter driver, you need to start the service to enable the filter driver. Then the users can access the stub files just like the normal files.

4. Access the stub files

When the users access the file, the EaseTag filter driver will intercept the read request, and send the request to the service, the service can return the data in memory and the filter driver will directly send the data to the user appliation, or it can restore the whole file and replace the stub file with the physical data. When the user write data to the files, or the user open the files with memory mappy, the stub file has to be replaced by the physical file.

5. Re-Stub files

After the stub file was replaced by physical file, it needs to be reprocessed, and create the stub file again.

6. Download the example package

You can download our example code with c++/c# demo projects, you can also download the free file tool to test the stub files.


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