CloudFile Virtual File Filter Driver SDK

The Challenge

In the face of rapid data growth, cloud storage offers enterprises the opportunity to reduce not only the capital costs of purchasing storage but also the operational costs of managing it. More and more companies want to migrate their existing applications to the cloud environment, however without affecting the original data infrastructure, it not only needs to invest a lot of money, but also needs to overcome the technology difficulty.

CloudFile Virtual File Filter Driver

CloudFile provides a comprehensive solution to help your organization seamlessly integrate your existing applications to the cloud environment, to private or public clouds, without affecting the original data and programs, without any modification of your existing applications. CloudFile is a Cloud-Enabled file system, which can integrate your local storage to the cloud storage automatically, let you have the unlimited storage space with low cost, help your organization maximize the capital and operational cost savings from cloud storage.

CloudFile Architecture

Completed virtual file system. The CloudFile Virtual File System is a virtual cloud file system, there are no file will be downloaded when users or applications browse the folders, only the file list of the directory will be downloaded. Accessing the file in the cloud storage is fast and easy. You can map your cloud storage to the local folder, the users or application won’t see the difference between the cloud files and the local files.

Seamlessly Integrate Cloud Storage into Existing Infrastructure

There are a lot of challenges to move your current business to the cloud without affecting your existing infrastructure, your application might rely on the local active directory for the security check, local IP address check, DNS entries check, only can access the files in specific local folders.

No application change needed. With CloudFile Virtual File System, it can help you to eliminate these risks. You don't need to redesign your application, you don't need to worry about the integration of cloud storage with your application. You don't need to create the extra network drive to access the cloud storage for your application, you can keep the same local directory structure to access the cloud storage.

No network change needed. You don't need to change your current network infrastructure, your security access control remains the same, there are no change for your users to access your application, still keep the same IP address, the same active directory setting, the same DNS setting. The CloudFile Virtual File System integrates with the local file system, it can help you to remain the same access methods and security solution.

Support Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery

Cloud-based Disaster Recovery (Cloud DR) takes a very different approach for disaster recovery based on virtualization. CloudFile Virtual File System automatically integrates the cloud storage to the local storage, it can deliver a fully functional virtual infrastructure ready to take over an outage disrupt primary services. The virtual file is stored in an offsite public cloud where it remains in standby ready for failover. Data synchronization operates in the background to keep data up-to-date. The entire system can be spun up in minutes, saving the organization from costly service interruption.

Cloud Disaster Recovery

Active-Active Cluster system. With the CloudFile File System, you can set up two or more active systems, which the virtual files can be accessed from all the active systems, it can distribute your load balance and support the automated fail over without your interference.

Zero downtime for the disaster recovery. With the CloudFile DR solution, in the event of a disaster, you can automatically fail over the local storage to the cloud storage if disaster strikes,you can quickly launch resources to ensure your business continuity. You can leverage for your disaster recovery (DR) processes to significantly minimize the impact on your data, your system, and your overall business operations, your business won't be interrupted. Retrieve back the files from cloud storage is very fast, only the applications requested data will be downloaded.